is it possible to be” that is“too old Grindr?Get Queerty frequent

is it possible to be” that is“too old Grindr?Get Queerty frequent


I’ve just been on Grindr a couple of times. Nevertheless the mood hits whenever I’m into the most unlikely places, like an evangelical church or GOP convention or a Mormon city or some little city where everyone looks totally straight laced. That’s as soon as the fun gets pretty darn interesting. It’s hot for hot, never ever had age issues. In the event that you keep your own body who is fit and also you look good, your gonna get it. There are several older dudes which are therefore hot, they generate a lot of 20/30 somethings look like sliced livah. Now once I begin to see the cute hot priest serving mass along with his image is on Grindr because he forgot to signal away from their account, i am going to quickly remain true mid audience and tell him he has to turn his grinder account off while serving mass, but that in the good part he’s probably had a few hits right now. Today I would personallyn’t place it past him to pull his phone out and look. During communion believe it or not.


Wow – I’m 29 and I also think guys get better with age. Hit me up!


Is anyone sensing that is else bite of irony on this page appearing on Queerty, of all of the places? Your home of obsession with young, “straight”, good-looking males (boys)? (más…)