Best-Friend Reports: an instrument for Measuring the Prevalence of Sensitive Behaviors

Best-Friend Reports: an instrument for Measuring the Prevalence of Sensitive Behaviors

S. Yeatman and J. Trinitapoli jointly developed the best-friend device. S. Yeatman developed the basic concept for the article, performed the analyses, and penned most of the article. J. Trinitapoli recommended from the analysis and contributed towards the writing associated with article.


We introduce the best-friend methodology for utilizing studies to assess the populace prevalence of delicate habits. We show the potency of this device by comparing self-reports to best-friend reports of intimate abortion and behavior history among young ladies in Malawi (letter = 1493). Best-friend reports reveal higher and much more believable estimates of abortion and numerous intimate lovers. In contexts for which close friends commonly discuss such actions, best-friend reports are a relatively inexpensive and simply implemented device.

Survey scientists struggle to measure sensitive and stigmatizing actions that are crucial for understanding health threats, patterns of illness transmission, and need that is contraceptive. 1–4 Novel methodological methods to reduce underreporting, including sound computer-assisted self-interviewing and voting that is confidential, have actually had limited success. These procedures can generate greater (and arguably more accurate 5 ) reports of specific intimate behaviors and abortion, nevertheless they create reduced reports of other habits and that can increase errors that are reporting. 6–11

To higher estimate the populace prevalence of intimate danger behavior and abortion in a residential area in southern Malawi, we administered a study asking a number of questions regarding the actions associated with respondent’s companion. This technique leverages 2 sociological insights. The very first is that relationship systems are homogenous; buddies are comparable with regards to characteristics that are sociodemographic habits. 12 the second reason is that social desirability bias needs to have less impact on reports of this painful and sensitive or stigmatizing behaviors of your buddies than on self-reports. 13 321sexchat karrin right Here we present the first outcomes acquired by utilizing this approach that is easily implemented review research on sensitive subjects. (más…)