‘Sexual attack’ covers a broad number of undesired sexual behaviours being usually utilized by offenders in order to assert energy and control of their victims.

There are numerous urban myths around exactly just just what comprises sexual attack, therefore find the facts out. In the event that you’ve been intimately assaulted, you may experience a variety of thoughts plus it’s important to learn you will find help solutions which will help you.

It will help if:

  • you wish to know very well what assault that is sexual
  • you wish to understand the urban myths and facts around intimate assault
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  • you’ve skilled intimate attack and need support.

What is intimate assault?

Sexual attack is any undesired intimate behavior that produces a individual feel uncomfortable, threatened or scared. It covers:

  • Rape: forced, undesirable intercourse or intimate functions.
  • Son or daughter intimate punishment: making use of energy over a kid to include that youngster in sexual intercourse.
  • Indecent assault: indecent behavior before, during or after an attack.

How come individuals intimately assault other people?

Sexual assault is not constantly about offenders getting pleasure from intercourse. It is also about them enjoying asserting energy and control of somebody. Some offenders have already been mistreated by themselves, but this really isn’t constantly the actual situation. Intimate attack is just a severe criminal activity and it is never ever the fault for the target.

Fables and facts around sexual assault

Myth: just females are intimately assaulted

Reality: men and women could be intimately assaulted. The offender could be any sex, and of any sexual orientation.

Myth: women often accuse men of falsely intimate attack to have attention

Fact: most assault that is sexual are truthful. Numerous victims of intimate attack – both females and males – don’t report it for anxiety about maybe maybe not being thought.

Myth: Many rapists are strangers

Reality: Many offenders are recognized to the assault victim.

Myth: It’s not assault that is sexual you’re a few or hitched

Reality: unwanted activity that is sexual any relationship is assault.

Myth: If you’re drunk or wearing sexy clothing, you’re partly responsible

Reality: intimate attack survivors should never be, under any circumstances, accountable for someone deciding to assault them.

Just exactly How intimate attack might influence you

Everyone responds differently to assault that is sexual. All the responses that are following normal:

Shock and denial

You may think, ‘Did this really happen to me?’ or ‘Why me personally?’, and feel struggling to accept so it really happened.


You may experience anxiety about the offender, to be alone, or of maybe not being believed.


You might discover that you’re struggling to explore the attack, or to explain exactly exactly just what it is like to possess been assaulted, away from concern with being judged.


You might feel unsafe or not able to flake out.


You may feel unfortunate or depressed.

Guilt and fault

You may ask yourself, ‘Why did I go there/allow it/not fight?’


You might lose self-esteem, and feel ‘unworthy’, ashamed or ‘dirty’.


You may wish to be alone, and also to separate yourself from friends and family.

Nightmares and flashbacks

It’s likely you have pictures and memories regarding the attack intrude in your life that is daily and.

Swift changes in moods

You will probably find that your particular mood modifications quickly from anger and rage, to rips and despair, and back again.

Lack of confidence

You could bother about your capability to complete your work or research, or shortage self- self- self- confidence with buddies or your spouse.

Loss in trust

You will probably find it tough to trust individuals in your social group or family members.

What you should do in the event that you’ve been intimately assaulted

If you’ve been intimately assaulted, it is not something you must live with by yourself. Here are a few things it is possible to away do straight:

Ensure that you’re safe

If you’re in immediate risk, or you’re focused on your security, contact crisis services on 000 instantly and attempt to arrive at somewhere safe.

Communicate with somebody

Find some one you are able to communicate with, such as for instance a close buddy, member of the family, counsellor or youth worker. Contact an organization in a state or territory that may present appropriate informative data on looking for assistance.

Get help that is confidential

Phone the private 24-hour 1800 RESPECT line to talk to experienced counsellors. Take a good look at intimate attack help to learn more.

Get medical assistance

In the event that you’ve been sexually assaulted, medical help is vital. If you’re able to, you will need to arrive at a hospital or wellness centre where they could offer you appropriate health care.

Trust yourself

If somebody has assaulted you, you may maybe not feel confident in what to complete next. Trust your instincts. Remember for any reason that it’s never okay for someone to assault you.

Understand your protection under the law

The rules concerning intimate assault differ from state to convey. To discover more on your rights, browse the Lawstuff web site.

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